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  • The 3 Core Funnels Foundation ($997 Value) 
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  •  The 3 Workshop Setup Systems ($397 Value)
  •  J3 System For Public Speaking ($497 Value)
  • The 30 Minute Reboot™ Workshop ($997 Value)
  • The 3 Core Funnel Funnels ($2997 Value)
  •  The Master Email Swipe Files ($997 Value)
  •  The OCS - Ongoing Communication System ($997 Value)
  •  BONUS #1: The Evergreen Videos Course ($397 Value)
  •  BONUS #2: The Chirofunnel CEO Course ($5000 Value)
  •  BONUS #3: The FB Traffic 101 Course ($297 Value)
  •  BONUS #4: 4 More Funnels! ($3997 Value)
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This Is What Others Are Saying About Chirofunnel Secrets:
Real Chiropractors.  Real Results.

Dr. Matt Ogle

“I can promise any other chiropractor that Dr. Woolner is absolutely genuine! He knows what he is talking about. Since implementing the 3 Core Funnels  I have seen my practice literally transform in such a short period of time and this is directly because of the strategies, tools and systems that he has taught me to implement. Before using these systems, the best I ever did in a year was $60K in collections. Here I am now only a year and a few months later and I am on track to collect $300K this year!!! I am completely confident that he can do the same thing for you and your practice if you will let him.”

Dr. Stephen Franson

“As the "Systems Guy" I love the program that Dr Chad has created. As Chiropractors we need to have as many lines in the water as possible, but at the same time, protect our bandwidth so that we don't feel overwhelmed. When you can employ a system that is "done with you" like Dr Chad's - one that actually produces new patients into your office while you sleep, it frees up your time, focus and energy to be invested elsewhere in your marketing - or in caring for your patients - or maybe even going on vacation! Thanks for making it so much easier for Chiropractors to reach more people, Dr. Chad -you're awesome!” 

Dr. Chris Zaino

“Dr. Chad’s program is amazing. I don’t like stuff that’s heavy on theory and that is why I love what he’s done with Chirofunnel Secrets. It’s super tactical and very easy to do. He is teaching you proven steps to follow. Docs would be CRAZY not to invest in this!”

Dr. Kevin Christie

“Chirofunnel Secrets is a proven strategy designed by Chad Woolner to work perpetually for your practice. What inspired me to work with Dr. Woolner was the fact that he understands and facilitates marketing principles that are timeless, instead of quick fix marketing "hacks" that don't stand the test of time. I am always staying up-to-date with the most effective and ethical marketing strategies in the Chiropractic industry for my practice and my colleagues, and Dr. Woolner hit a home run with Chirofunnel Secrets.”

Dr. Todd Pickman

“Chad is the guy I have turned to and will continue to turn to for the most relevant, up to date, effective marketing ideas and strategies for my practice! He has been such a valuable resource for me and my clinic: I’ve implemented several of his funnels and ideas that I learned from him, and I’ve seen amazing results!”

Dr. Tabor Smith

"Chad knows his stuff. He has helped me out a lot with a widerange of marketing strategies.  His funnels are a powerful tool that every chiropractor should be using in their practice!"

Dr. Daniel Shaddock

"I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Woolner to help with marketing my practice. I currently own two 
practices in Austin, Texas which are in the top 1% of chiropractic clinics within the area, collecting close to
1 million a year. Chad has been a HUGE influence in my success!! His marketing systems, if followed closely are
a game changer! I am grateful for the wealth of information I have gained over the course of time I have known him!"
So...What's Inside Chirofunnel Secrets University?
Here's an overview of the program:
We Begin with a step-by-step guide to the 3 Core Funnels

I'll Walk You Through From Start to Finish!

Funnels don't need to be complicated or mysterious.  Especially the 3 core funnels.  I'll take you through each one showing you how to duplicate them and best use them for your unique practice situation.  No two practices are the same.  These funnels have the flexibility to be molded to fit your exact needs!  And I'm making sure you get hooked up with everything!  Not just the training, but the funnels themselves.  No need to re-invent the wheel, just use these, tweak them to fit your practice and go.  
And I'm Hooking You Up with all the Email Sequences For Each Funnel!  BOOM 💥 You're Welcome.

"The Master Email Swipe Files"

Just Copy & Paste...And You're Done.  I'm just going to give you all the follow up sequences, intensification sequences, everything!  If you know how to copy and paste you're half-way there!
Can I Make It Even Easier For You?  Of Course.
I'm Also Going To Provide You With a Solid Foundation For Rapid Implementation:


We call this the quick, down & dirty, dead-simple approach to jumpstart your funnel journey!  Whether you're brand new to funnels, are a seasoned pro or somewhere in between this is designed to help you do one thing:  implement at a much faster pace...4 Days to be exact!
Okay, This is Great, But What About Offers?  Aren't Those Really Important?
HECK YES THEY ARE!  Which is why I am also including access to:


I'm going to show you which offers work best!  But even more important, I'll teach you the underlying science and psychology of what makes good offers, well...Good!  You'll learn how to create, truly irresistible offers so your funnels convert like magic!
Getting New Patients is Awesome, But What About Retention, PVA, and All That?
I've Got You Covered There Too!  I'm Going to Hook You Up With:

The OCS or Ongoing Communication System

Learn a Systemized Approach To Creating and Syndicating Value-Based Content To Help You Create & Retain a Loyal Following!
What if We Could  Also Help You Better Capture and Share Your Patient Success Stories?
That's Exactly What We Show You How To Do With:

The Evergreen Videos Course

We'll show you the super simple way to create professional, captivating, emotionally compelling patient testimonial videos...Even if you don't have any fancy-pants video equipment and aren't some tech nerd!
Alright, This is Awesome... 
But What if I Wanted To Start an Online Business or "Virtual-Style Practice?"
I'm Even Going To Help You There Too!  I'm Giving You Access To:

The Chirofunnel C.E.O. Weekend Intensive Retreat 

Not too long ago, I did an intensive, all-day training for a select handful of docs.  They paid $5,000 to attend this retreat (no joke).  I walked them through the step-by-step process of creating an entire online business from scratch.  This framework works for just about any type of program, product or service you're looking to create and sell.  Well, I recorded the entire training... And I'm going to provide you with an inside look by giving you access to the recordings so you can learn this exact framework for yourself. cool?
Okay...What else could you possibly need?  Oh, What About Traffic To Your Funnels?
I'm Going To Help You Drive More Quality Traffic To Your Funnels With:
Facebook Traffic 101
Learn Directly From My FB Ads Dude How To Drive Traffic To Your Funnels!!! We'll walk you through the basics of setting up Facebook ads for your funnels.  How cool is that?!
But Chad, What If I Want To Get XYZ Patients?! You Know, Niches Like
- Weight Loss?
- Functional Medicine?
- Sports Chiropractic?
- Pediatric?
- Etc., Etc. Etc.
What If I Just Hooked You Up with 4 More Funnels? 👊 Done.  
You Can Use These For Just About Any Type of Situation You Can Imagine!
The Ninja Funnel:  The Ultimate Local Lead Generation Funnel!
The Automated Backend Continuous (ABC) Funnel :  The Autowebinar Funnel!
The Dinner Funnel:  The High-Ticket / Niche Specific Dinner Funnel!
The Infomercial Funnel:  The Straight-To-Clinic Full Price Exam Funnel!
I'm Hooking You Up With All This!
Normally I charge $1997 for the entire program and suite of tools.  But I genuinely want to make this as easy as possible for chiropractors to get started. 
  • Docs Who Want To “Get Rich Quick”
  • Docs Who Are Lazy
  • Docs Who Aren’t Willing To Put Forth a Little Effort
"You mean to tell me there's work involved in this?!  Yes.  C'mon Doc!  Let's be real here, okay?  I've done everything I possibly can to make this process as easy as possible, but there's obviously some work involved here.  When has a "You just kick back and relax, we'll do everything and you just watch the patients flood your practice" approach ever turned out as promised?!   That's right.  It hasn't.  
  • Docs Who Want a Proven System
  • Docs Who Can Implement and Execute
  • Docs Who Can Follow a Step By Step Process
  • ​Docs Who Are Willing To Put In Some Effort
  • ​Docs Who Truly Want To Grow Their Practice and Be Successful! 
  • ​Docs Who Are Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Win
"Okay, Chad.  This Sounds Good and All, But Will It Really Work For Me?"
In Fact, I'll Take It One Step Further... I'm Going To Give You My
"100%  Better Than Money-Back Guarantee!"
I Promise You That If you follow the system as outlined, I guarantee
you will AT LEAST recoup your investment!  Making This Entirely Risk-Free!

But, Just So We're Clear, This Is NOT a "Refund Policy"
This Isn’t a “I Want My Money Back Because
(Insert Excuse Here)” Policy, Okay?
Look, My Hope & Plan For You Is FAR Greater Than
You Simply Recovering Your Investment!
This Program Has The Power To 5X, 10X, Even 100X Your Investment...Seriously!
Let Me Share With You
“Complexity Is the Enemy To Execution” - Tony Robbins
I created these focus guides as a way of helping you to further simplify this process.  Like I said before, no two practices are the same and to that end, I wanted to help you with your unique situation.  These focus guides will assist you in prioritizing your energy and efforts.  That way you'll be laser-focused in your efforts!
So, let me ask you, if all this did was...
 🤔 Just Get you an additional 10 new (paying) patients per month
…Would it be worth it?
 🤔 Just Get you an additional 5 new (paying) patients per month
…Would it be worth it?
 🤔 Give you the help needed to launch these 3 Core
funnels for your practice…Would it be worth it?
 🤔 Give you the help needed to launch JUST ONE 
SUCCESSFUL FUNNEL for your practice…
Would it be worth it?
So Right Now You've Got 2 Choices Doc:
There's a saying "nothing changes if nothing changes."  This is true in all aspects of life, especially your practice!  You can continue to try and spin your wheels or...
This system has proven itself time and time again, not just in my practice but in practices all over the world.
Others Tend To Think Option #2 Makes The Most Sense Too...

Dr. Rob Vasquez

“Chad, your Chirofunnel Secrets program is AWESOME! It has allowed the practice to have a ROCK solid automated marketing system that allows us to have a "referral" relationship with new patients before they ever step foot in our office. This has resulted in much easier conversions! Thanks again for your program and all you do!"

Russell Brunson

"I have seen the funnels that Chad uses and they are amazing! I know that these are the tools that chiropractors need right now to grow their practices in today’s economy.  Many marketing strategies for small business owners these days just don’t work. Chad has something very special that does."

Chris Burfield

“Hey bud! I wanted to let you know that I have several clients that have been using your funnels and they are having me run fb ads to them. I’ve gotta tell you, every client I have that uses your funnels absolutely crushes it!! Even I’m blown away by the conversions those funnels are getting. Super solid. I normally see funnels convert at 10-15% of the traffic run to them, but your funnels are getting an easy 30-35% conversion rate. Literally double to triple. I appreciate everything you do my man! Keep rocking it!”

Dr. Drew Kidder

"As a practicing chiropractor for nearly 20 years, I've seen my fair share of on and offline marketing programs.  Many of which simply don't hold up to the "hype" they make.  Dr. Woolner's program is the real deal.  There's plenty of solid substance and value behind what he teaches and provides."
I've Deliberately Tried To Make It Virtually Impossible For You NOT to Succeed!
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